Turn out the lights: how to get scared playing a video game

Living With a Nerd gives some tips on how to maximize your fear while playing scary games.

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Laxman2163914d ago

Good idea for an article I think. Nice work.

Scyrus3913d ago

yeah def need this cuz I never get scared of games, never any RE game, silent hill or dead space. fun games but not scary.

WhittO3913d ago

lol I don't have this problem of not sh*tting myself playing scary games, but then I do seem to play with most of these conditions anyway.

Surround sound makes a HUGE difference in any game, but with scary games it's soo much worse with good speakers lol, I literally just turn off the PS3 when it gets too much hahah!

JohnnyBadfinger3913d ago

Nothing is scary when you've seen old people nude...

NEVER EVER will i walk into a public swimming pool change rooms again!

ct033913d ago

I play games (all genres!) only at night and with no lights on. It's the only way for perfect immersion.

For horror games, these are a MUST:
-> Night time
-> No lights in the room
-> Nobody else in the room
-> Reasonably high audio volume

No game is scary during the day time. NONE. You're too aware of your environment.

ps3destroyer3913d ago

Great idead because there's people who play Silent Hill one and Penumbra and think they're comedic titles.

Rybakov3913d ago

have something that is actually scary and just the typical pop out at you and make loud noise.....but something that really messes with your head

tho i still love all the horror games out there non the less

Rettom3913d ago

Haha Dead Space and FEAR would work best with this...

dkgshiz3913d ago

Those games have mild jump scenes. Other then that they are purely action shooters. Very good games though.

Motorola3913d ago

FEAR is NOT scary. Little girls arent that creepy. Dead Space yeah. Amnesia and Penumbra are on a WHOLE other level

monkeyfox3913d ago

Lights out + weed + headphones = scary

dirthurts3913d ago

Good audio is a definite must!

Chocoboh3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

You don't even need the light off or dark when you're playing Amensia the scariest mofo game on this planet

Like seriously I shit myself playing it, kid games like Bioshock or FEAR doesn't even compare

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The story is too old to be commented.