1UP Q&A with Sony's VP over New SKUs

After weeks of speculation, Sony Computer Entertainment America has finally come clean about the introduction of a now worldwide PlayStation 3 SKU with a 40GB hard drive and removed support for backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 titles. SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton told Reuters the move was less a cost cutting measure and more about moving additional PS3 software -- what?

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Violater4020d ago

1UP: At this point, you're now cheaper than Microsoft's Elite SKU, but still more than $100 more than the Core, or Arcade SKU. How do you feel about the PS3's positioning there?

Dille: What's in the Arcade SKU?

1UP: A 256MB memory card and some XBL games on the disc.

Dille: Does it have a hard drive?

1UP: No.

Dille: Does it have a Blu-ray drive?

1UP: No.

Dille: Does it have free online gaming?

1UP: No.

Siesser4020d ago

Geesh, their editor sucks. 3 typos, and one of the edits they tried to throw in there was unnecessary.

Real Gambler4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

It's sad because they have the biggest guys from a billion dollar company over the phone, and they ask the most stupid questions!!! He made them look like they were a kid doing a kindergarden interview project : )

I love the fact that after they mention Jack Tretton twice, he just said: "Maybe we should set you up with Jack. [laughs] "

Or even better: When they ask if people would be confused over the fact that Sony as 3 SKU: "I don't know that consumers really get fooled by that. Whether you're spending $399, $499 or $599, consumers do their homework before they make a console purchase and they understand what's in the box."

That's laughing at the face of that 1up interviewer, but still being nice. Even if they asked very lousy questions as usual... Not sure why they are answering the phone when they are calling.

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