What everyone seemed to miss about the Sony PS3 chip sale

For the past couple of days, the news everywhere has been reporting how Sony sold it's Cell Chip business to Toshiba. What everybody seemed to miss about this news was that these "advanced" Cell processors were in fact the obsolete chip.

Sony dumped its outmoded Nagasaki fab plant on Toshiba, which now only can produce 65nm semiconductors, and IBM will manufacture the new state-of-art 45nm Cell processor at its East Fishkill, New York facility for Sony's latest game machines. The upcoming 45nm Cell chip for the PS3 will have "a lower power and lower cost processor for its next-gen games console".

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Bazookajoe_834069d ago

I thought it was because the Ps3 was "Doomed", hehe...

Rooftrellen4069d ago

So a year in they're upgrading the technology in the "future proof" PS3?

I guess that's the thing about calling a console future proof...everyone knows they'll get upgraded though the lief cycle, and that just shows that the technology isn't future proof for any console! This won't be the last upgrade, either, I'm sure.

When it comes to technology, nothing is future proof, as is evident by the "state of the art" chips that were being made at the plant and put into PS3's already being called "obsolete."

DethWish4069d ago

It's to save costs, if you read the article and thought a little about it.
The PS3 is still very expensive and Sony is doing anything they can to lower the price

kurruptor4069d ago

You're an idiot Roof. Read and comprehend what you read before you try to make smartass comments.

Jeebus4069d ago

What a retarded statement. "What? they're improving cost efficiency? But they are selling their cell? For a cheaper, smaller version of the same chip? ha! Sony are stupid"

you could have said the same thing and gotten a similar effect.

ruibing4069d ago

Some people really just read a few lines into an article before talking like an analyst. Tsk tsk...

PLAYWATCH4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

You just can't seem to hold in your negative predisposed feelings about Sony can't ya?
How can you possibly interpret this as anything but a positive development?
Do you have it in for Sony that bad that you have to go out of your way to try to spin it but end up saying something COMPLETELY STUPID?

I don't mind intelligent fanboys going at it, kind of entertaining I'll say, but, unfortunately, most consist of dumbfounding comments like these.

Rooftrellen4069d ago

Maybe everyone else should read: "What everybody seemed to miss about this news was that these “advanced” Cell processors were in fact the obsolete chip."

It's as bad as the MS fanbys denying the RRoD was a problem. I don't care WHY it's obsolete, the simple fact that it is says something, just as the exact failure rate of the 360 didn't matter, the simple fact was that is was unacceptable.

Sony said the PS3 is future proof. Sony sold PS3's with a 65 nm Cell processor. 65 nm Cell processors are now obsolete.

Sure, I hope Sony can lower its price enough to beat MS (I've said before, I don't want MS in the video game industy, because they came in thinking monopoly, not just thinking money.) That doesn't change the fact that millions of "future proof" PS3's have a now obsolete chip, though.

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Topshelfcheese4069d ago

Wow Roof, you really are a idiot...lets say you buy a computer, some of the components are obsolete before it even arrives at your door. Sony, going to a 45nm chip from a 65nm chip is like how Microsoft is going from the 90nm to the 65nm to lower power cost of the machine and to run cooler, that's all. Yes, the PS3 could easily run it life cycle with the 65nm chip, but you would have to be crazy not to incorporate a cheaper, power saving alternative that does nothing else different. The only argument you could possibly make about the PS3 not being future proof is if Blu-ray loses the war, but I don't see anyone winning the format war in the next 5 years.

XxZxX4069d ago

how the hell people like roof get so many bubbles. That's just proof N4G bubbles are not related to how smart you are. LOL

SWORDF1SH4069d ago

roof i think you should jus stop it there. sony could bring out a whole new ps3 slim tomorrow with all the inside made smaller and reduced and it will still be a ps3. sony said that the ps3 is future proof, not that the parts inside are.

SageFrancis4069d ago

what a retard.

can't read and doesnt know what the hell he's talking about. Why does he have so many bubbles?!?

skarn4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Haha, maybe I'll hold out a little longer to see what else they have to upgrade on their "future proof" PS3. After all I might actually be able to afford it if they keep making it cheaper XD

I find it funny that despite a lot of "what a retard" comments no one has actually been able to refute said claim. I have no clue why they would try to cover up the fact that Sony LIED about their hardware, either.

sloth4urluv4069d ago

I dont understand why everyone is obssessed with 45nm. The size of the process dosnt change the performance of the devices (excluding powerconsumption and heat). a 45nm and 65nm will both perform the same operation exactly the same.

HateFanboys4069d ago

What a complete and utter buffoon Roof and Skarn are! You's really dont get it. Shrinking the die, means just that. Shrinking the die. All the lower nm chip does is lower heat and power consumption. Its just improving and making more efficient the same chip. It doesnt make the 65nm or 90nm obsolete. It performs the same, just cooler and wastes less electricity. The reason they are calling it obsolete, is because Sony will no longer be making those chips and instead is focusing on the smaller chips thats all. Damn you fanboys are stupid!

athlon7704069d ago

Does this mean my Xbox Elite with the "UPDATED 65nm processor" is already obsolete. I mean come on, Microsoft just upgraded to the smaller 65nm for heat issues and next year will release yet another updated version of the 360 to include a 65nm video processor. Now I hear that Sony one upped Microsoft by switching from the already small 65nm to a 45nm! What gives Sony! How dare you try to save costs! That is Microsoft's game, you are not allowed!

Wow you anti-sony guys are really stretching now. Does reducing the size of the die really matter that much to you? OMG, Sony changed the faceplate from Chrome to a deep blue, I thought Sony said the current PS3 was future proof.


SlappyMcTaint4069d ago

the PS3 is already working on the 45nm processors, when M$, in all their wisdom is just getting around to 65nm.

Who wants to bet that these "old" Cells will be used in M$'s new Xcrox with Toshiba?

tk4069d ago

I guess when they released the PS2 slimline with a different CPU it must have made the older PS2 obsolete? Wait! It did not. It was just smaller with different components and the same feature set.

Or wait! When the XB360 started using the 65nm chips it must have rendered all the previous XB360's obsolete. Well... with all the RROD's that might actually be true...

Or wait! When they changed the DVD drive in the XB360 that must have made the previous model obsolete. Not?

Tell me roof, just how do you come up with such a stupid theory? Or do you hope to lower people who read your post's IQ?

Rooftrellen4069d ago

"sony said that the ps3 is future proof, not that the parts inside are."

Maybe that's what MS meant when they said the failure rate of the 360 was normal, too, that the 360 had a normal failure rate, but the pats inside didn't.

No one is reading the article, though it seems. 65 nm is obsolete according to the article, and I believe it's true.

If I am correct, a smaller chip means less heat (and an even lower failure rate, probably, though its so low as is, we won't actually see a change) and more energy efficiency. Surely you wouldn't dream of driving a car that gets 5 mpg, and would call it obsolete.

If it wouldn't be obsolete, companies wouldn't spend so much money on advancing, we'd be driving cars that get 5 mpg, we'd have computers the size of homes, and we wouldn't even have the assembly line. However, it matters, and the old, inefficient ways are obsolete.

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b777conehead4069d ago

its not a new chip its a smaller version cheaper less power. its not changing the technology in the ps3 its making it cheaper to produce.most electronic items have that done in the life cycle and it docent change what the product dose.and with most items not advertised.
its called revisions look at car parts if you notice you may have a rev2 and the new part you put on is a rev5 its the same part dose the same thing as the old part but has been revised.

C_SoL4068d ago

read this link

from what the last time i remember a smaller chip is better in no way, but cheaper and it doesn't mean that its worse than the 65nm, its just cheaper like the 65nm chip is cheaper than the 90nm.......hmm so what doesn't that mean?......45nm is better then 65nm...hmmm i think so..

DrWan4068d ago

shame on ur for having so much bubble

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ThaGeNeCySt4069d ago

didn't even know there was a PS3 cell chip sale

Jrome4069d ago

@ Rooftrellen

If you actually read the article it is to reduce costs and it also provides benefits. The thing about a future proof concept dont have to change the original hardware. Sure there is a better cell chip...but it is the same CELL chip...just better in terms of cost and w/e else they said. There is no major change.

skarn4069d ago

Err, i think replacing the chip with a better one would be considered a hardware change.. It's not just cheaper.

Armyless4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )


Same Cell architecture. Same Cell calculations. Same Cell programming. Less heat. More energy efficient.

If you knew ANYTHING...

(I'm going to say that word again just for emphasis...)


about hardware and circuit manufacturing, you would know that circuit boards, chipsets and anything hardware related go through CONSTANT refinement. I see this in the industry daily firsthand. You, sir, are an idiot.

The fact that you're so adamant about proving your utter ignorance is embarassing to watch.

skarn4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

That was my point... It does the same thing for less power/heat. No it's not a MAJOR change. I realize that.
So tell me, why are you getting so pissed about it? Seriously, 7 of your 12 lines were dedicated solely to how stupid you think i am.

SofaKingReetodded4068d ago

improving the manufacturing process IS NOT the same re-designing the chip because it can't perform to spec.

The only ones redesigning anything around here are MS with the OOPs premium with no HDMI, ooops core with no HDMI, ooops Elite with HDMI, ooops premium this time with HDMI and god knows what else is coming.

this is called learning on the job, the sad part about is they are doing it at the consumers expense and don't think twice about it.

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Bill Gates4069d ago

I love how the propaganda spreading media words things purposely to make the seem what they are not. Everyone thought it was because Sony was tight for cash, when in turn they made out like bank robbers on this deal.

Rooftrellen4069d ago

Neither Sony nor Toshiba would have made the deal if they wouldn't benefit.

Sony didn't want to have to pay money to convert the factory to make the new chips, so it was in their best interest to sell it. Toshiba evidently needed the factory, and it was worth millions of dollars to get it.

No deal is agreed upon if either side doesn't benefit. Sony and Toshiba both made out like bandits, I'm sure.