Playstation Japan: Latest on PSN Outage

"After seven days of silence from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, they have finally updated the Japanese Playstation Blog, to let us know what is going on." - TheStonedSheep

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FAGOL4759d ago

'As you know in the press release dated January 5' wait wut?

TheStonedSheep4759d ago

It's been translated via Google, please tolerate the Engrish, check below for the gist of it.

Skyliner124759d ago

Google translate leaves a lot to be desired. Japan does dates different from North America and Europe, the month is listed first, then the day, then year. Google confused 5/1/2011 (May 1st 2011) for 1/5/2011 (January 5th, 2011).

Rage_S904759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

So basicly no new info -_________-

Let me see the things i could do in seven days

I could not make update articles that contain no new info.

I could not read said article.

I you could make more interesting article instead of feeding into the hyperbowl, ESPECIALLY IF IT HAS NO NEW INFO!!

-Seven Dayz that is the amount of time it will take Tman to rule the world. Das Fuhre.

-All Hail Tman

TheStonedSheep4759d ago

Where there is demand, there will be supply.

maxcavsm4759d ago

God damnit, are you kidding me? Still nothing? Man, they're going to have to up the rewards that they give people when it's back online.

xAlmostPro4759d ago

Some people are so greedy!

Why should they up the rewards?.. The stuff you're already getting free probably covers the cost of what you or atleast most people(because im sure if i said just you, you'd claim i was wrong)spend in the ps store in a year..

Sony were hacked, could have happened to any company, they were just unfortunate with the geo hot lawsuit etc.

Infact there has already been worse data breaches from bigger companies.

You should cut sony some slack for having to handle this. Rebuilding the network, brand new servers, hiring experts of security to test the whole new network, answering to governments, working with the fbi, providing feedback, recieving onslaughts of spam with people saying things like "zomg we wantz free thingz" developing a welcome back program, providing the new anti id theft service for all users.. on top of that the constant media coverage putting a bad mark on them as well as stocks falling.

That's a huge amount of things they've had to cover in pretty much 2 weeks(as they didn't know the full extent until 6 days after).

Be happy with what you're going to recieve, be happy that they're working hard to get the service you enjoy back online.

DigitalHorror814757d ago

Personally, I don't need ANYTHING---But---I would like PSN to be up AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. To be down until May 31st is ridiculous.

Skyliner124759d ago

Reads like it's just saying the old reports were false, they're still working on strengthening their system. PSN isn't up anywhere just yet.

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Sony Patents To Prevent You From In-Game Harassment By Reading Your Emotions

A new patent recently published by Sony wants to gather biometric data of gamers to track whether one is being harassed using AI tools.

Profchaos23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I hope this is one of those patents that never comes to fruition.

I already dislike the fact you can pay a significant amount for a online service buy associated games and content on said service and get banned from that service over potentially a misunderstanding the bans are already handed out for flimsy reasons

I'd rather see money invested in a ban that simply removes the offensive players ability to communicate with unknown players allow them to continue party chats with friends but not with Joe blow on cod.

exputers23d ago

Agreed. Blizzard recently banned a college Overwatch 2 player who's dependent for saying "shit." Pretty harsh.

Profchaos22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

How rediculas really. You can't say a word that's allowed in most PG films and prime time TV but the game is based around killing the enemy team using guns, explosives etc.

It's just backwards.

just_looken22d ago

What your talking about is called block list

In 2006 a spaceship dropped of the playstation 3/xbox 360 i say that that generation was the last great gen with game functions/tech that has yet to comeback

Anyhow the playstation 3 if you block listed a id they could not talk to you in chatroom with either text or voice. But that was pre mind fucked 2018 when people were more human than sheep.

But hey gta 6 is coming out billion dollar budget without a single player custom character creator and without singeplayer coop off/online something saints row 1-3 had on the xbox 360.

z2g22d ago

Take my social security and bank account numbers too! Here’s a picture of my wife and our address.

phoenixwing22d ago

Cmon where's the pictures of your children. Don't hold out on them.