Club Nintendo SNES Classic Controller Review

The Virtual Console is an excellent part of the Wii and will have you reliving a lot of the classics like Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World. However the service is missing one thing from the original systems, and that is that the games just don’t feel the same on the Wii Remote or Classic Controller. Playing on those controllers doesn’t give you that same nostalgic wave that playing on an authentic SNES controller does. Luckily Nintendo has added this classic gem to Club Nintendo.

GamersXTREME4790d ago

Wish this would come out in America...

LeXxXiNgToN4789d ago

I'll never understand why Nintendo brought this item to Europe and not the US.

Droid Control4789d ago

Its a crap controller really.

In 2011 that is. It was amazing at the time, but i prefer to play my game son a 360 pad these days for comfort.

I'd still pick one up though, for nostalgia.

ChickeyCantor4788d ago

Its meant for classic snes games...
The way they are meant to be played.

TheCagyDies4789d ago

this was my childhood (1991 child here)

Bloodlyte4789d ago (Edited 4789d ago )

Wow the blisters that beauty gave me back in the days with SFII, but I popped the blister, put a bandage on it and went on like a pro!

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Nintendo, Xbox, And PlayStation Have All Now Abandoned Twitter/X Integration

The latest Switch firmware update kills off support for the Elon Musk-owned social media company.

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Jin_Sakai5d ago

Could care less. I use consoles to play games not for social media.

Cacabunga5d ago

Social garbage should be abandoned altogether.. the world is stupid since these things got introduced

senorfartcushion4d ago

I would say YouTube was more to blame for this weird unrest we are seeing at the minute. That platform has given license to some of the stupidest people to build advice channels for kids growing through their formative learning years. It's no wonder there are so many incels around.

z2g4d ago

The world was stupid before that. Social media just let you see it.

4d ago
z2g4d ago

It’s for posting content like game captures, not responding to your boo’s pool pictures.

But F twitter anyway

CrashMania5d ago

And nothing of value was lost, that site is a cesspit.

purple1015d ago (Edited 5d ago )

correction, was a cesspit,

now more of just a swamp / everglades / marshland

gold_drake5d ago

not sure who actually used it in the first placd

Vithar5d ago

Good, Twitter is getting worst than 4chan