Call Of Duty 8: Let's Put War Back In War Shooter

The announcement of the eighth game in the main Call Of Duty series, which is probably going to be Modern Warfare 3, is imminent (it’s that time of year, after all) and X360 magazine has some strong opinions on what and where the series needs to go next.

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Nate-Dog4286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

More like "let's put more money into Activison's already-full pockets" AMIRITE???

BeOneWithTheGun4285d ago

Rumor has it they will charge your credit card .25 each time you reload.

gcolley4284d ago

For the full article, which includes a dodgy joke about braaaaaaains and probably the biggest ‘8’ you’ve ever seen in print, pick up the latest issue (71) of X360 from your local newsagent or online from the Imagine Shop.

please don't post links to teaser articles

i shall remember to never click on a nowgamer article again