I Don't Want To Save The World

Gamers are very used to having it all: getting the girl, being the chosen one, choosing which kingdoms fall and rise at their whim, and most definitely, used to saving the world.

The author of this piece challenges that notion, however. How is this sort of power supposed to feel thrilling when it is the norm? What does that power become except mindless vapidity, yet another privilege we are granted in our voyage to become Orpheus, Zeus or Ares?

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Tired2723d ago

That article was awesome!

Can't say I agree 100%, but brings up some interesting points.

Think I may have to have a crack at winter voices.

BushLitter2723d ago

I agree, was a brilliant article...

InLaLaLand2723d ago

Good article, I like games that give you some empowerment but has some morality behind it (Yakuza 3).

Son_Lee2723d ago

Can someone make an RPG about not saving the world? I know they're must be some out there, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.

Rybakov2723d ago

is that pic from the article a fan art of persona 3?

but yeah i feel that its always the same cut and dry save the world/nation/universe

what if you think your doing that but you end up being the villain and taking over/destroying one of those?

galgor2723d ago

some men just want to watch the world burn