US gamers see PS3 salvation in price cut, new game

AFP reports from Los Angeles on October 19, 2007:

Hardcore US gamers say a fresh price cut and a blockbuster stealth shooter title exclusive to PlayStation 3 will breathe new life into moribund sales of Sony's video game consoles.

At the opening day of the video game exposition "E for All" in Los Angeles, Konami associate producer Ryan Payton (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots) and Firaxis marketing veteran Dennis Shirk (Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution) say that Metal Gear will be a system seller for PS3 in the way Halo 3 is for Xbox 360. Gartner analyst Van Baker predicts that Halo 3 will sell 500,000 to 1 million additional Xbox 360.

Nintendo of America vice-president Perrin Kaplan isn't fazed by the powerhouse games on rival consoles. He believes people are purchasing the Wii for different reasons than the PS3 and Xbox 360. Wii is targeted at "casual gamers" not included in the "hardcore" player demographic of PS3 and Xbox 360.

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vgn244018d ago

MS needs Sony and vice versa. It's a good and evil thing. Just depends on who you're talking to on which is which, lol.

The competition benefits gamers. Fanboys are an element of the industry that actually drives up loyalty. Sometimes it forces people to the other side in disgust.

So no matter which company you back (although, people with a brain just like games in general) understand that if Sony does fail, it will hurt the entire industry. No one wins if Sony or MS gets a monopoly.

gunnerforlife4018d ago

to tell u lot the truth im kinda thankfull the ps3 has done bad so far otherwise the prise would of stayed at £425 and $600 and thats forced them to change there plans a bit and im glad theyve done that so now people cant talk sh1t about the price is the reason they cant buy it.

Nameless4018d ago

Theres plenty of other things to talk sh1t about Fony & the Delaystation 3 now that price is not an issue. Plenty of other things.

masterg4018d ago

But you didn't have time to come up with any?
Sad... So sad.

goodganja4018d ago

A good game is delayed and a bad game is forever bad. Sony takes their time making sure their product is right. I can appreciate that as a fan instead of getting rushed products. Games like Halo 3 were at least 6 months away from being polished and it shows. How can you compete with this lineup of games?

Time Crisis 3
Heavenly Sword
Resistance 2
Little Big Planet
Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy 8
Halo 4
Gears of War Port
Mass Effect port
Tekken 6
LA Noire
Untitled Rockstar Exclusive
God Of War 3
Untitled Team ICO Project
Zone of The Enders 3
Yakuza 3
The Agency
Untitled NCSoft Project
Untitled City of Heroes Project
Eternal Sonata port
Eye of Judgement
Lair (receiving rave reviews in Japan)
The Getaway 3
Heavy Rain
Hot Shots Golf 5
Untitled Victorious Boxers/Hajime No Ippo game
Killzone 2
MLB 08
NFL Gameday 2010
Ratchet & Clank
Untitled Jak & Daxter
Untitled Twisted Metal
Unreal Tournament 3
White Knight Chronicles
Untitled Snatcher Sequel
Kingdom Hearts project

There is no way in hell you can say Sony doesnt have games. And there is no way in hell that -360 can compete with this.

DEMAND that your parents buy you a PS3 now
DEMAND someone to give you a job so you can pay for this
DEMAND that someone supply you with the 400.00 PS3 so you can go home happy

And while you're at it, Sony will be listening and fufilling all of the customers demands.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

WAR_MACHINE774018d ago

I agree that the no games argument is stupid but for christ sake do yourself a favor and stop listing untitled projects

gamesblow4018d ago

hahahahahahahaha.... Isn't Perrin a woman? What a lousy article. what a joke. A damn joke!

mighty_douche4018d ago

ah now i see why we have analysts and the like, i would of never come to that conclusion.

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The story is too old to be commented.