Cheeky Valve poke at Xbox 360's heat problem in Portal?

Here is an image from Portal which one gamer thinks is Valve's way of having a cheeky joke at Microsoft's expense in regards to widely documented Xbox 360 overheating problems. The image shows something which looks similar (not identical) to the innards of the Xbox 360 with a saucepan on top of it.

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360Jamaican40GigFL4021d ago

they obviously put the saucepan there them self cus the saucepan was'nt just sitting on the thing when i saw it

Twizlex4020d ago

Either way, I don't think this really looks like a 360 at all. It just looks like your average PC tower. Total flamebait here.

deepio4020d ago

Agreed, it looks nothing like a 360.

Twizlex4020d ago

Why are people disagreeing with us? It looks NOTHING like a 360! The only thing similar about it is that it's white and has silicon inside. You might as well say it looks like a Wii also, or a PSOne, or a Dreamcast.

Samer3054021d ago

thats helarious if thats true

DrPirate4021d ago

Are the people that wrote this just that stupid?

It shows people have been attempting to live there. They were using the heatsink of the processor to boil their water.

Jesus, who the hell comes out with this, it doesn't even look anything close to a 360.

Whoever wrote this article should have his hands cut off so he never writes again.

Chris_GTR14020d ago

man.. this is the stupidest sh1t ever...i guess stupid ass people approving this must own a ps3 hence they havent played it.
ok look, u press X and u can pickup any object. u can place it anywhere, this dumb ass placed it on top of a computer... how does that dumbass go on to say broken pc with a stove on top reresents a 360!

skarn4020d ago


I actually saw this when my bro and i were playing it it had a saucepan on top of it already.. Well actually you can see those all over the place but there was a couple of "secret areas" around the testing areas that had stuff like this with the saucepan on it.. It didn't really look like a 360 to me but it did to my bro lol. It just kind of depends on how you look at it I guess..

The Chief of Mjolnir4020d ago

Is this even game news? I don´t think so...

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The story is too old to be commented.