The PS3 is your best bet for Christmas

In the latest announcement from Sony Computer Entertainment, the U.S. and Canada will now be receiving the 40GB PS3 model bundled with Spiderman 3 BD for USD 399, and the 80GB for the reduced price of USD 499.

With these new changes, consumers must now know that when comparing the three consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii), the PlayStation 3 is the best buy for this X-mas. Not only is it a bang for your buck, but it also offers the best features.

This comparison will go over price, features, and upcoming games for each console.

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TheMART4021d ago

It certainly is the cheapest HD BluRay alternative out there indeed, bundled not with a game because Sony doesn't even see it as a gameconsole anymore, but with Spiderman a nice BluRay movie.

To play over and over, because Sony can't release games that fast.

PS3 best BluRay buy this Christmas
360 best gaming console to buy this Christmas!

Baba19064021d ago

i totaly agree.....NOT. no games? are u kidding me? i wont make a list of everything u could be playing, couse u wouldnt care anyway. but there is more than enough to play. just look into it. and no i dont mean Lair. =D

jackfatal4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

u r dreaming!! how can i help u to wake up fanboy?

every body know ps3 has more great hits exclusives!!


ow i forgot! and ps3 wont break down on u in the Christmas night thats for sure!!

ActionBastard4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

How fast did MS release games when the 360 was 11 months old?

hazeblaze4021d ago

Pleas... everyone on these boards know that the PS3 is coming out with more exclusive titles, and at a faster rate, than the 360. Both systems have some great exclusives but the PS3 simply has more of them... and more of the ones that I can't wait to play.

Quit being a fanboy. It makes you look really stupid.

BubblesDAVERAGE4021d ago

360 is the best Sd console...not if you count the ps2...or the wii....but if your going HD there is only one way to go and thats ps3

Bathyj4021d ago

C'mon people, lets all go spam XboxKings.

Monchichi0254020d ago

If anybody doesn't think MicroSoft is not going to counter this, you must be RETARDED!!! MS will do an additional pricecut or a sweet bundle package, Like including Halo 3 with all new systems sold.

It looks good for Sony right now, but just wait. MS has always countered, why not now??

nasim4020d ago

your x360 is now finished in EUROPE. It is completely dead .

HS is murdering your GAYLO in EU and UK and has sold over 500 000 copies alone in 2 weeks


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joydestroy4019d ago

UT3 is a confirmed timed exclusive
Haze is an unconfirmed timed exclusive (i promise it will come to 360 in '08)

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Bill Gates4021d ago

It was also the best buy for me 4 months ago for the things I want out of a gaming console. Things like...

1-Built in WiFi
2-True High Definition for games
3-The BEST is High Def movies
4-A systems that won't show its limitations months after its release.
5-FREE Online game play
6-Able to access the World Wide Web
7-Best Exclusive games (Don't kid yourselves XBOTS)
8-Multiple card readers
9-Standard HHD
10-A system that does TRUE 1080p
11-Dolby Digital 5.1 for games & 7.1 for Blue-ray movies

My list can go on for some time.

These are things that xbooooox SUCKS at tremendously!!!...AAAHAHHAhA

Meus Renaissance4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

Before this price cut, the Xbox 360 was definately the gaming console a customer would probably get as its cheaper and great AAA games on it. Now the choice is made harder because the price is relatively matched.

It all depends on the type of games someone might want. You want a great FPS multiplayer experience with a million people? Here's Halo 3 - get an Xbox.

Do you want a platform genre? Ratchet or Uncharted. Take your pick and here's your PlayStation.

Do you want an RPG/sci fi shooter? Mass Effect is your ride. Enjoy. Now think about what you'll play in a few months and next year. Check the upcoming titles for both platforms and make your choice. Personally I don't think Microsoft's 2008 lineup comes close to what they have had this year in terms of Exclusives. The only major ones I can think of Fable 2 and maybe Gears if its released next year.

I've said it many times before and some Xbox fans are agreeing with me now; Microsoft need to show what they have next year. This is my biggest concern with them, can they keep up the momentum in terms of AAA games?

ActionBastard4021d ago

No. We've all seen the '08 lineup. '09 expect the 720. "Meh" comes to mind, but more than that, with devs becoming more familiar with the tools, Sony stepping up 3rd party support and a growing install base, it's going to take a whole helluvalot more than Fable 2, Banjoe and Alan Wake to stop the Wii and PS3.

squelchy154021d ago

id rather stick with my 360 thank you:)

Real gamer 4 life4021d ago

The ps3 is the best buy for this christmas. You pay $400 and you get alot more compare to he x box360 and the wii. And know they giving spiderman away with it also. the best buy for this christmas is the ps3, And with games like haze uncharted rachet and folklore why not pick one up.

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