Dear Microsoft, Scrap The Xbox Live Points System

Gamers Outlook "Microsoft Points are the official currency of the Xbox Live Marketplace, including Xbox Live Arcade. They can be used at the Xbox Live Marketplace to purchase games, themes, Gamertag pictures, original Xbox titles, game expansion material (vehicles, maps, songs, etc.), changing your Gamertag. The problem however with using Micorsoft Points, is that users gain a false sense of how much items actually cost."

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FiLTHY ESKiMO4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

Yeah, it is misleading. Definitely a marketing strategy. When you are spending MS points, you are not really thinking about the value... just about the games or extra content you want to download. However, one thing you will notice with the Live Marketplace is that no matter where in the world you are, the price remains the same. Releasing Marketplace currency saves them the hassle and the headache of having to change the the price according to the countries... where, in the long run, some gamers will get screwed over.

Sony don't do that. You are basically just buying credit to use at the store that is fixed to the currency of the region you are in. Some content is even locked to prevent people from spending money outside of their region, basically supporting the national market.

Will-UK4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

Exactly my thoughts users gain a false sense of how much items actually cost. Microsoft should just price content by country currency.

X2theG4787d ago

It's called MATH! Learn it!! Use it!!!

The beauty of MS points is that you can find a deal on them once and a while and stock up. Look at the deal Microsoft has going on right now. Buy any game and get 1600 MS Points free. I bought RE5 for $16.00 and got $20 in MS points for a $1!!!

Stock up and be happy!!

-Alpha4787d ago

It doesn't matter if it's math or not, it's freaking annoying and not user friendly

Will-UK4787d ago

Exactly my point I understand maths perfectly fine like alpha-male22 said its just an unnecessary extra step when they could use a wallet system which would show you how much you are spending.

X2theG4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

I guess I don't care what I spend since I pay 50% or less for my points. I think it's worth the extra step, but that's me. I'm not complaining...

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MintBerryCrunch4787d ago

the points might be the same, but the amount you spend is still different...if 1200 MS points costs $15 dollars in the US and 15 pounds in UK, then there is still a difference in how much you are paying....exchange rates remain the same no matter what system you use

Solidus187-SCMilk4787d ago

I wouldnt link my CC card to live anymore so I would just have to buy a pre set amount of money on a card anyways. PSN uses cash but I am buying PSN money cards and not putting my CC on their either anymore. So either service you almost would never be able to buy the exact amount unless yuo link you CC card to the account, which is something that I wont be doing on any game service ever again(MS holds onto your CC info sooo tight, and sony not tight enough apparently).

Will-UK4787d ago

Microsoft really need to stop using the points system its just misleading people

macky3014787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

That is the whole point(s) :)

That is actually really old trick,.. comes from monetary politics,.. It is basically psychologically f%&/#/ with people,.. not making direct connections with A-B / Worth-a-b ,.. you think these bastards were born yesterday,...I don't like them at all

whydoyouask4787d ago

It's a little late to start bitching about it.

Munky13494787d ago

Guess it'l come soon, as you can buy Games On Demand with real money, cant be hard to change the rest of the marketplace.

Troll_Police4787d ago

That point system is a scam just like at the local Fair.