NowGamer - SBK: Superbike World Championship 2011 Review

NowGamer - You’d have to possess all the compassion of a house brick not to feel for the Italian outfit behind recent SBK titles. A genuine racing innovator throughout the last two hardware generations, it seems incapable of chiselling admirable physics, authentic presentation and perfectly serviceable AI routines into the shape of an engaging videogame.

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SBK X: Superbike World Championship Review [Game Revolution]

"Quantity over quality may seem like a great bullet point for a game when it costs an average day’s salary, but in this case, no one should be fooled by all the lovely garnishes and trimmings of this moto-salad." ~ Devin Charles, GameRevolution

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insertcoin4433d ago

Just another run-of-the-mill racer... meh.

LostTokens4433d ago

It is damn pretty though, I'll give it that.

felonycarclub4433d ago

i always wanted to buy a motorcycle game but to me there hasnt been a single game that captures the feeling of being in a motorcycle, maybe is the controls, wish they would make like a handle bar with tilt so it would feel more real, i love gt and of the reasons is the steering wheel

Jdub895O4433d ago

ive always wanted to buy tourist trophy for the ps2 back in the day.

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Bone-idle : SBK 11 Review

Bone-idle writes "SBK 11 FIM World Superbike Championship is jam packed with a whole host of Superbikes and Circuits in the latest outing in the SBK series. A number of new additions to the game including graphical and gameplay improvements mean this year’s outing is the best yet. Probably the best addition is the inclusion of the all new SBK Tour, on top of the career mode and online modes."

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PSFocus Review - SBK 2011: Superbike World Championship

PSFocus writes: Years in years out FIFA and Pro Evo battle each other, but the fight between MotoGP and the SBK serie is kinda similar. This month Milestone Interactive and Blackbean Games are coming with SBK 2011: Superbike World Championship. A straight competitor of the new MotoGP. Worth the time and the money?

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