Interview: Ray Maguire Admits That PS3's Entry Price Was A Barrier To Consumers

Speaking to MCV, Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Ray Maguire has stated that his company recognised the barrier PS3's launch price presented, but has also insisted that Sony's launch strategy is still following the company's long-term plans.

"From all the research we have looked at and the feedback we were getting from consumers, it was clear that there's an overwhelming demand for people to get into PS3 gaming," Maguire stated. "They're saying the thing that's stopping them is the entry price.

We've listened and worked on two products to get people into the marketplace with two different sets of attributes."

"We've been considering this since launch. This is all part of a very carefully thought-out plan."

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jackfatal4018d ago

with this price things look good for ps3!! i will buy it next month!! 300 pound is the same price i bought my ps2!! looking forward to UT3,Haze,uncharted,ratchet,war hawk,Folklore,assassin creed,GT5,COD modern war fare!

Real gamer 4 life4018d ago

I think sony should had released the 40gb playstation 3 from the start. what they are doing now they should had done from day 1. The 40 gb ps3 is a good buy. You don't need the card readers or the backward capability.i don't use the card readers and I have two ps2 in ma house locked away in ma closet never to be touched or seen again. because i have already suck the living daylight out of ma ps2 games. I am ready to move on. If sony would had released this 40gb Playstation on launch with the 80gb Playstation 3.they also would be up in position to cut the price 100 dollars which will really drive up sells. they would be right now up there with nintendo and Microsoft.

Panthers4018d ago

Of course it was the price. Many parents dont know much about gaming and their kids who ask for the PS3 are quickly denied because of the outrageous price.

This will change things. I hope for the same success that the PS2 had.

Itachi4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

stament retracted

i guess I wasn't really

Real gamer 4 life4018d ago

The price is what matters. i mean looked at the wii. the wii has the worst library, but yet it sells very well. i hope sony learned its lesson. they have to admit that they made a mistake, and that they are trying to fix it now.

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