PSN: More Anonymous Attacks Likely - Ex-Hacker

The chances of fresh attacks on Sony websites are good, according to UK expert Cal Leeming

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tehpees34285d ago (Edited 4285d ago )

Sony just can't catch a break at the moment

EliteDave you changed your comment. I saw what you really said.

nevin14285d ago (Edited 4285d ago )

Or we consumers. cant catch a break. this is now starting to annoy me.

I wonder can these hackers change my grade from a B to an A.

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Prototype4285d ago

I read the article, and according to this guy "anon didn't do it" but as everyone says - anon can be anyone, at any time.

Also what they found doesn't help prove this guys case either

Kyosuke_Sanada4285d ago

I have an extremely hard time believing Sony on any news pertaining to the hackers. I mean they wholeheartedly agree that the next attack wasn't "Anon" but after revealing that personal info may have been stolen to the public suddenly a smoking gun appears. Unless I hear from a a trusting third party, I take news I hear with a cup of salt.

xAlmostPro4285d ago

Oh anonymous, how you continue to contradict yourselfs.

I guess by freedom of information you guys mean personal details of consumers, n'aww how kind of you to stand up for us and steal such data, thanks guys


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blackburn54285d ago

If Sony really does offer a reward for their capture they will have hundreds if not thousands of people snitching and hunting them down. Sucks to be Anon. FBI, homeland. Sony and other security companies and thounsands of reward hunters and bounty hunters up their asses. Should have stuck to mischief instead of cyber terrorism.

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The story is too old to be commented.