PSN Update 3.61: 'More To Do' - Security Expert

Forcing users to change their PSN passwords with update 3.61 is a step in the right direction but more can be done to protect their data, says online security expert Graham Cluley

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joeyisback4286d ago

hope u can change security question also but ill be changing email i use they already know our email address

jriquelme_paraguay4286d ago

i cant remember ever my security question LOL.

And i am part of that 40% shit

just_looken4286d ago

same cant remember my security question but so far no spam or calls so my stuff wasnt leaked.

NeaL_ThA_GaMeR4286d ago

yh ik mate but once its online everything should be psns NeaL_ThA_GaMeR if any1 wants to add lol

Ricco-Warrior4286d ago

yo so my psn is ELITE-SHINIGAM7 ,add me to chat or play some MK or Brink when ever

XLoCoX4286d ago

I see what you did there.

initial_kay4286d ago

hellokiety- .... with the dash.... add me... if anyone wants to just chat.. be friends ect..

initial_kay4286d ago

when psn is baack of course.

ZombieAssassin4286d ago

I just hope it's easy to change our passwords because I know I used a BS email accounts for 1 of my PSN names and I created it on my old ps3.

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