Soul Calibur IV Interview: Blood, Balancing, Online and More

GameInformer writes:
"While still very much a work in progress, we couldn't help but be impressed with what we saw of Soulcalibur IV during a recent demo. Even though weren't allowed to play the game-and even some of the seemingly fundamental design decisions such as how interactive backgrounds work were still being ironed out-the game looked like it was making the transition to next-gen systems with style. We chatted with Katsutoshi Sasaki, the game's director afterward, and got the lowdown on the difficulties of managing an ever-increasing character roster, how the team is balancing gameplay and much more. "

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MK_Red4115d ago

I think he is lying about their reason for not including blood. The true reason is that they don't want a mature and high rating like M or 18+.

Itachi4115d ago

blood should be a unlockable or a cheat code who would ever know

okcomputer4114d ago

Its much better w/o blood imo, I'm glad they're leaving it out again.

games4fun4114d ago

i am very much looking forward to this game. I still have nostalgia from playing it first on dreamcast.