Sony Employs 'Media Savvy Cool Woman'

Sony is opening SingStar Studios Manchester throughout late October and early November, following the success of its predecessor in London.

SingStar Studios is described as "a Pop Pickers Paradise" and the perfect place to hone your warbling skills while getting a pre-release look at the PlayStation 3 version of Sony's next-gen home karaoke machine. The use of 'Pop Pickers' - an Alan 'Fluff' Freeman reference - places SingStar firmly in the 'late 30s to 40s' bracket. Why? Well, do you remember Alan Freeman? Do you recall Fluff saying, "All right, Pop Pickers"? How old are you? See, we're right.

The studios feature five areas inspired by the singing game sensation - the chill out lounge is "a place for you to prepare yourself mentally for what lies ahead"; the stylist area is where you 'get the look', and the three themed sound-proofed studios are where you let rip.

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