3-D TV That Actually Works

A reporter from entered a conference room in Manhattan and a woman on the TV tossed a handful of rose petals out of the screen, where they floated in the air before his eyes.
At least, that's what he saw. In truth, the image resided on a perfectly flat, 42-inch LCD screen. But the 3-D illusion was fully believable, and the reporter didn't have to wear a dorky set of polarizing glasses.

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TheMART5365d ago

Damn that would be neat to connect to my 360 and the upcoming Wii!

Imagine that. Gears of War, where you stick the chainsawgun in 3D in front of the guests you have in the room... OMG

Or when the lip sync Marcus is running around on your voice through the screen and the character is shouting in front of the face...

Forza 2 cars driving to the room, Kameo fireballs flying around the ears, planes in COD2 dropping out the sky landing in your livingroom...

I am really curious how fast this technique will spread already saving I guess :)

5365d ago
JIN KAZAMA 1875365d ago

Is definately cool. I would love to hook up my PS3 to that TV and play games and WATCH my HD movies on it. This will be pretty awesome.

SjaakHaas5365d ago

That was just a TV with a Rose Petal sprayer in it!

mafia9105360d ago

I hope that was a joke (if it was it was really lame) because if you're serious that was maybe the supidest thing I've ever seen written on these boards...grats!

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The story is too old to be commented.