Aion 2.5 Preview Video

NCsoft is updating their title Aion on May 25th and have a bunch of upgrades and special events planned to keep their users happy and to hopefully pull in some stray gamers.

The video shows the changes coming with 2.5 and also gives you a glimpse of 3.0.

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LCF3454d ago

I'm just happy there is a 64 bit client, of course the new lighting engine is a nice add on.

Scyrus3454d ago

used to like this game alot, then Vindictus Came out :O

still aion is great and it looks even more gorgeous now

Pain3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )


o o
o O

Neko_Mega3454d ago

Been wanting to play this but my PC is short from having a video card to support it.