NPD Numbers: The Nintendo Take

Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of American, told Reuters in response to the NPD September numbers:

"The Wii went up against the self-proclaimed 'biggest entertainment launch ever' and we emerged with our best month of the year.

They fired their bullet and our gun is loaded and ready to fire throughout the holidays."

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FordGTGuy4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

to mention the price difference between the consoles and software sales.


Actually the best selling Xbox 360 SKU is between the premium or elite. So its more around $400.

cooke154021d ago

You forgot to mention nintendo had no significant software launches in September and still did incredibly well. MP3 came out in august

forum_crawler4021d ago

You mean about the fact the wii has sold more consoles than the 360 is less than half the time?

We could do this all day...

Rooftrellen4021d ago

360 is $30 more than the Wii.

When we're talking over $250, $30 isn't much of a difference.

He also forgot to add how well the Wii would be doing if it was HD, though, right?

Rooftrellen4021d ago

Nintendo only needed to survive Halo. It seems they have, and now have a clear path to own the holidays.

MS fired a cannon, but, now, Nintendo is going to fire a rocket named Mario.

It will be interesting to see how Mario, which is much bigger than Halo, will affect sales all over the world when compared to what Halo has done in America.

Sez 4021d ago

i not going to make any excuses. nintendo is a monster right now and honestly i don't think anyone can stop them at this point in time. go nintendo you deserve it.

ItsDubC4021d ago

Wow Madden 08 for PS2 still goin strong. I imagine these PS2-owners would've bought Madden for their PS3, 360, or Wii instead if they had one, so this may be a sign that there are still plenty of gamers out there who have yet to buy any of the three new consoles. This holiday is likely to make many of these PS2-only users into PS3, 360, and/or Wii owners.

goodganja4021d ago

While Nintendo and Micro$hit are battling out for first place. Sony is sitting back watching as these two schoolyard dweebs destroy each other. In the meanwhile Sony will be putting out AAA games and quietly take over North America as they did with Japan and Europe.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

chester4021d ago

destroy each other? you think they're boxing or something? or do you mean destroy each other like by seeing who's flying off the shelves quicker?
yeah, boy, those two are really coming out of these 400,000-500,000 selling months battered and bruised. not sure how they can survive if they keep going like this. fool.

DrRage774021d ago

the real problem is that sony wet itself while it was sitting back and watching the 360 and wii fly off the shelves, and now they are trying to change their diapers and hope they can join the fun....

PS360WII4021d ago

I think you are confused. While 360 and PS3 where duking it out for top console Wii slipped in the lead while 360 stayed doing what it does and PS3 kind of said wait up guys.

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