IGN: Okami Wii Interview

Following Capcom's confirmation of the long-rumoured Wii outing for now-defunct Clover Studios' astonishing PS2 action adventure Okami, IGN fired off a handful of questions to Ready at Dawn, the team behind the game's system migration.

Ready at Dawn are currently knee deep in development on Sony's PSP God of War outing Chains of Olympus having completed work the critically acclaimed Daxter last year (if you're looking for some kind of quality yardstick here). Still, Didier Malenfant, president of Ready at Dawn, managed to take time out of his busy scedule to offer up some much needed answers on the team's surprising new project.

Didier Malenfant says in the interview that "the game on Wii is going to be an exact port of the PS2 version and I think that's what fans of the franchise want to see."

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cooke154020d ago

Why the hell are they not adding any additional content :|

Rooftrellen4020d ago

It may be a setup for a sequal on the Wii. Let Nintendo loyalists, who may not have had a PS2, get in on it, and then blow us away with a sequal.

I'm not disappointed with no new content so long as they can work with the controls from the ground up and build it around the Wii, because so many ports have had bad controls, when they would have been ok otherwise.

It would still be nice to see some new stuff, though...

Shaka2K64020d ago

Capcom stop making the wii look bad i know it lacks good games but Okami is best on PS2.