Outland Review -

Developer Housemarque has made a name for themselves with their previously PSN-exclusive titles Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation. It is nice to see them bring their next title, Outland over the the Xbox Live Arcade. The story focuses on the spirits of Chaos and Balance, who wage war with each other. A hero comes along to help protect the would against this universal divide. You play as that hero, and will need to skillfully maneuver through the changing world. So, is the adventure worth while or is it just a puzzling mess? Here’s our review.

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cain1414295d ago

"Tron meets nature" love that description.

PWjuggalo4295d ago

great article hope this one gets approved

antauwnehart4295d ago

This looks kinda average I might try the demo to see if i'll even worth its price.

Raider694295d ago

Ihave to ask you,if you are even a gamer!?Because 90% of your comments are trolling and get reported!Get a life and forget that gaming exists,its better for you!

Dread4295d ago

is this game also on the PSN?

themarriedgamer4295d ago

yes, it will be. Or, better yet, It was scheduled to be.