Street Fighter IV 'more than a year away'

The latest chapter in the popular beat-'em-up series isn't coming anytime soon, warns Capcom.

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HeartlesskizZ4110d ago

it was expected when they only show a cartoon trailer meaning they are early in dev.

Genki4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

how many of the original developers are still on board from the Street Fighter team? I think Capcom is a great studio and all, but I really don't know what to expect from this. Excuse me for not putting blind faith into a name and legacy, but I've got the pre-cautionary mindset when it comes to this one. I certainly hope it's better than before, but who knows.

Why on earth have they waited so long? If the studio is comprised of mostly new talent, then I hope that talent is pretty damn talented then. This series has quite a legacy, and I would hate to see it go the way of some marred legends like Sonic and Mortal Kombat. What a joke those series have been for years now...sad if SF would suffer the same fate. Keeping my fingers crossed.

mighty_douche4110d ago

im really hoping something special comes from this. i want them to produce a game that te die hard SF fans will be proud of.

ive been a huge fan of Capcom for years, but of late they dont seem to be hitting the same standards they used to, like many developers now, its purely all about the mighty $$$, i hope they're not using SF as a guarantee for the quick buck but really wanna put SF back to the top of fighting games where it was for so many years.

Genki4110d ago

They even seem to have shifted gears in many ways. Before, flagship series were Megaman, SF, and Resident Evil. Dino Crisis was apparently a good compliment as well(never played it). We also had the equally stellar crossover series of games, but now things seem a bit different.

I can't say I was disappointed with Lost Planet per se, as I wasn't anticipating the all, but I was disappointed because the production quality as I said just didn't quite have the Capcom touch that I'm used to.

This is in no way suggesting that they should stick with the old, but if they are starting to shift directions, they should at least carry that same pedigree of excellence they once had. Still a great company, no doubt, it just seems like they're starting to waiver a bit. Great observation.

Here's to hoping that SFIV is something special. Fighting games have really sucked it hard lately...

darkside4110d ago

Please make a evil ken!! Capcom