DMC4: Capcom Gamers' Day 07 Trailer

Join Nero as he comes to terms with his newfound powers and sets out on the hunt for the murderer of the Holy Knights.

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mighty_douche4020d ago

as much as i love the DMC series, im not quite so keane on some of the enermies, fighting floating ice men for 20 minutes then floating fire men kinda gets old.
is it to much to ask for enermies to have LEGS..??

Maldread4020d ago

I`m starting to get more positive to DMC4 now. Very fast gameplay by the look of it.

The story seems alright too, very cinematic angles in the cutscenes there, but as always with Capcom games, horrible dialog and voice acting, wish that could change hehe ;)

[email protected]4020d ago

Look sharp nothing very STUNING but is ok so far.

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