Dark Void - Capcom Gamers' Day 07 Debut Cam Trailer

The exciting first look of this sci-fi action-adventure game from Capcom.

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MK_Red4107d ago

What the... it's unfair. Again, beaten by TnS :)

BTW, nice trailer

TnS4107d ago

I just arrived and noticed these nice trailers on GameTrailers. :)

[email protected]4107d ago

I second ur comment but its a very early too said something like that don't u think the trailer was just meh but the game itself maybe not.

mesh14107d ago

this game is what uncharted shud have been trailer s was awesome.

Baba19064107d ago

lol =D yeah right so how many hours have u played uncharted? you are one boring piece of wedding cake. its so annoying to read you.

HarryEtTubMan4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

Don't waorry about the PS3... Uncharted is going to be amazing... better than any Garbage box space shooter. Seriously it does destroy any 360 game in any way.

I know u aren't being serious about Uncharted either...this can't even sctratch the surface of what Drakes Fortune is doing... jealous much?

MK_Red4107d ago

While the graphics don't look so hot, the gameplay and gravity mechanism looks rather cool and overall, Dark Void looks like a really fun game (But not a graphics stunner).

Kinda reminds me of Prey.

Que8134107d ago

totally agree, except for the prey comment. i don't see that at all. but the gravity and the animations for hanging, etc all look sweet. hopefully this turns out to be better than lost planet.

games4fun4107d ago

but it does look interesting i havent played a game with a jetpack in a long time

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