Medal of Honor is Worthy of Playing

Medal of Honor, EA’s October 2010 FPS release, was surrounded in controversy when the media discovered gamers could play as the Taliban during online matches. Then the review scores came out and across the board Medal of Honor received cumulative scores in the low 70s for the PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3 on Metacritic. It was because of this, coupled with the fact that Black Ops was released in November (with scores in the high 80s), that Medal of Honor fell below many people’s radar.

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kube002819d ago

The price has come down, I'll have to get this

Fil1012819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

it's deffinatly worth getting and one of the easiest games to plat but multiplayer seems like a week attemp at recreating the multiplayer side of the battlefield

InLaLaLand2819d ago

The online was good but as you said, it was lacking in some areas such as classes (only three classes). The single player was short, it wasn't bad.

BattleAxe2819d ago

Theres an EA game sale on Steam this week, and I'm hoping for a further discount for BC2 or a discount on Medal of Honor. The sale goes until Saturday.


Der_Kommandant2819d ago

The campaign was good, the multiplayer was diarrhea

theflyindutchman2819d ago

i really think u all must play it once.
ok there are some bugs in the single player but i think its way better then bo single player.
just put it on your surround set and really loud and u will have a blast!
especially the part in with the M249, its just gun porn!
and no i don't work for ea.

JimmyJames702819d ago

I didn't find any bugs in the SP, and I didn't think the MP was all that bad except for the respawn points, which almost made it unplayable, so OK, maybe the MP was bad in that respect. But the game is worthwhile to play.

MasterD9192819d ago

It wasn't on my radar when it came out. I played the single player at a friends house and liked it but never thought about picking it up...If the multiplayer is alright, I'll reconsider.

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The story is too old to be commented.