Downloadable Games Haven't Had Blair Witch Moment

Downloadable games get no respect. Ask God of War creator David Jaffe. He's currently shifted his focus from huge titles like GoW to smaller games like Calling All Cars. And there's a difference between those big games and small games. And that difference is... Let's let Jaffe explain:

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green_ghost54070d ago

I hate that guy...he's a douche bag!

Loopy4070d ago

No, you're the one who is a douche bag.
David Jaffe is right.

WafflesID4070d ago

Very compelling argument you present. I like how you counter his claims with brilliant quips like "he's a douche bag."

Next time you feel like commenting...put the keyboard down.

Cat4070d ago

hopefully when the "blair witch" moment comes, it's more like a "napolean dynamite" moment. all the press and fun, with less shame.