Anonymous says Sony accusations over PlayStation Network hack are lies

The online activism group Anonymous has denied insinuations by Sony that it was involved in the hacker breaches of the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Online Entertainment (SOE) systems in which between 77m and 100m personal details were stolen, and potentially as many credit card details.

The riposte was delivered in a letter published online soon after the corporation delivered a letter to US politicians in which it claimed that private investigators called in to examine the break-in had discovered a file entitled "Anonymous" and containing the words "We are Legion" - part of Anonymous's slogan.

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norman293084d ago

Yeah they would say that, even after a file left by them was found.

DoomeDx3084d ago

It feels like Anonymous is world famous now..A lot of articles about these douchebags.

They are nothing, they are not even real hackers.

"But wesley..They closed the entire Sony site once!''
Thats not hacking. There is a trick that sends alot of false information to a certain site, which will cause the site to crash.

Lifendz3084d ago

I don't get how any one could speak for a group of people who, by their very name, are anonymous. How could someone even keep tabs on whether someone or a group of members didn't take matters into their own hands.

All the circumstantial evidence points to them. The threats, the subsequent hack, and the note at the scene of the crime left in a server.

Anon, you did it. Classic example of how best intentions go wrong. Now do us all a favor and don't take up a cause for the good of gamers.

gaffyh3084d ago

Somehow I don't see Sony lying to their investors, 70 million users, and the US congress.

RankFTW3084d ago

rankftw says Anonymous accusations over PlayStation Network hack are lies.

LoVeRSaMa3084d ago

Anonymous has been world famous for a while now, its true that stealing credit cards is not in there agenda, its possible it could have been someone in the group but its not likely.

Read some of the previous articles about them before this Sony thing kicked off:

I agree it was annoying about Anonymous knocking the PSN offline but I think everyone is looking for a scapegoat at the moment, and it takes balls to go up against big corporations.

What most people don't understand is Sony asked for the identities of people who watched a video on YouTube, thats very intrusive and thats why Anonymous started fighting them.

I am not really expecting anyone to agree with me here, most people cant see past there own nose never mind engage in politics.


Biggest3084d ago

You guys really don't know what world famous means. LeBron James is world famous. McDonalds is world famous. Those hacker guys were on the news once or twice. That's about it.

ConanOBrien3084d ago

They're elite, bad or good, regardless. Anon can be you, me, friend, enemy, even a Navy SEAL dude

young juice3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )


the word everyone here is looking for is infamous. this entire playstation hack thing is quite well known by gamers atm and when gamers go on the internet to find out wtf is going on. they are told that the network was hacked, and anon is the #1 suspect. so of course they are well known...but not for a good reason.

darthv723084d ago

There are probably some legit members of this collective that didnt involve themselves in the situation. From that perspective they may be telling the truth.


Guilt by association is what we are dealing with. One bad apple can spoil the bunch and in this case there were probably many bad apples. Does the ones that didnt take part get a free pass.....? Not likely.

There are ones who swear they had nothing to do with it and I would be inclined to believe them. The rest that guys are screwed. To think someone wouldnt rat you out to save their neck.........

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flankhim3084d ago

I cant wait till this is all over.

Joni-Ice3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Anonymous, You guys are funny. You're sitting here pleading your case but weeks ago you're making videos on how you are Legion, you don't forgive, you don't forget BS. Then Sony gets hacked and now you want people to believe it wasn't you? But weeks ago you threaten Sony. If it wasn't you, you pick the right time to start your "We are Legion, Lets Hate Sony" campaign. Sounds like the boy who cried wolf to me.

ChronoJoe3084d ago

Does anyone here know what anonymous is? anonymous even know?

Just because the person who did this wasn't part of 'OpSony' doesn't mean he wouldn't want likely use the anonymous mask.

"Anonymous is everyone and no one" Just because these SPECIFIC people didn't do it, doesn't mean someone else didn't, choosing to use the anon mask.

Focker4203084d ago

Exactly, with an open 'cult' that anyone can join, the main group doesn't even know about everyone thats in their group. You can't just go "Everyone can be apart of Anon" and then when the lesser known guys start going rogue you go, "No wait, they aren't with us"

xTruthx3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

nah biggest, they had had encounters with opra too so lol. They have been know for a while, not world famous but by many people

Solidus187-SCMilk3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

It was a hacker, could be anonymous, but it might not be either.

If I was a hacker that wasnt a part of that group I would feel pretty smart for attacking sony right when they were sure to blame anon.

Either way, if sony goes after them I dont wanna see what happens then.

IM not saying for sure but it is possible taht this hack could have been done by one guy, I dont want to see what a whole group can do.

Either way, hackers suck. But I dont want to see sony attacked again.

DirtyLary3084d ago

of course now that the FBI is involed.

frostypants3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

So first, Anonymous has always insisted that they "are legion"...they are not organized, and they have no leaders. Which, in reality, means that all one has to do to be a "member" of Anonymous is to fly their banner. That is what happens when you create an organization based on anonymity, free will, and a null structure.

NOW, when someone does something that is harmful to the image of the "Anonymous" name...which is all it is, i.e. a name, a symbol, NOT a true "organization", by its very design...some "members" of Anonymous that apparently consider themselves to be the leaders all of a sudden insist that "no no no, that doesn't count as US!!!".

Sorry, fellas. You made this bed. Unless, of course, you are now saying that Anonymous is NOT "legion", that is DOES have leaders and organized membership, that it IS a traditional organization, rather than a mere ideal.

Can't have it both ways.

They want to be like "V" in "V for Vendetta", but they forgot the most important item that comes with an anarchistic approach: even the "creators" have no control over the "organization" once it is set upon the world, because there really isn't one to begin with. It's nothing more than a brand...a label...with no legal ownership, that ANYONE can co-opt, and in fact any effort to block such co-option is counter to the very philosophies that went into its creation.

In summary: "WHOOPS!!!". The creators of Anonymous didn't think their cunning plan all the way through. What was, for a brief period of history, seen as a valuable force for good and for truth, has slandered itself into being seen as a bunch of malcontent juveniles.

kerrak3084d ago

Very good points.
And let me add that Anon shares some structures typical of terrorist organisations, in the sense that there are independent cells operating underground. Higher organisation leaders/ranks send messages and then the cells act to accomplish it.
In this context, all Anonymous' threats to Sony have been heard and followed. And the only fact that somebody now claims "it's not Anon" is the most clear proof of exactly the opposite.

xAlmostPro3084d ago

So they originally said it could be a rogue member..

Now they had nothing to do with it?..


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Tommykrem3084d ago

Which member of Anonymous can speak for everybody in Anonymous?
Aren't they all anonymous?

TheXonySbox3084d ago

and dropped file saying that, FAR from conclusive.

frostypants3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

If a hacker says he's Anonymous, he's Anonymous. They've said all along that they are not a formal organization, membership is not controlled, and there are no leaders. This is what happens. It would make a great sociological case study into why anarchy is self-destructive.

Simco8763084d ago

That's why they are Anonymous. They can take the blame or not, that is the beauty of Anonymous

frostypants3084d ago

They will be taking the blame regardless of whether or not they choose to. That's the PROBLEM with Anonymous. They can't actually defend their image, because by their own design they can't control what is done in its name.

Emilio_Estevez3084d ago

I highly recommend going to their irc chats and messing with them.....It is incredibly fun.

Menech3084d ago

Just how many trojan horses are riding about in your computer?

Emilio_Estevez3084d ago

0. They can't do squat. You do have to play along a little bit b/c they'll just kick you out. But just wait like 10mins and it will let u back in.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3084d ago

Did you just call My Sony Liars?

ohh noo you deednt! mmmm hmmm gurlfriend!

time to take my ear rings off and put some vaseline on, coz we gone get it onnn!

Holeran3084d ago

Um ya they made it all up thats the ticket.