Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Tech Dive: Gameplay Animation HD

The game's developers strive for realistic movement and fluidity as they create the animations for the game.

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rootEXT4018d ago

Yep its so fricking awesome!!!!!!!!!!

whateva4018d ago

this game is just whoa!!

leon764018d ago

I think it makes any game of x360 look dreamcast game!!!! SPECTACULAR!!!!!

Itachi4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

it was a wonderful console with great games

and was ahead of its time and could compete with the ps2,xbox,GC on graphical level

so whats your problem with it

games4fun4018d ago

why? the dreamcast was a great console i played it all time, soul calibur made its debut on it, soul calibur for dreamcast actually looks just as good if not better on it than soul calibur two for ps2 and xbox. I own a ps3 but leave dreamcast out of this.

Game looks great.

iNcRiMiNaTi4018d ago

1. the enemies are shooting at him and hes just running up to them..this game is supposed to be focused heavily on realism..why cant the enemies shoot right? i wanna see enemies actually go for head shots one of these days instead of just shooting at you

2. theres a scene where he comes out of a well looking thing and you can see the water but when he gets out, theres no sign that he was wet in any way and no water dripped from him...even MGS2 did this in a convincing way and that game came out in 2002...

hopefully those get fixed and other than that the game is looking solid

emaddox844018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I dunno, I think the AI will be fine. These are the same clips we've been seeing for months now. Not that I have a problem with what is shown, but any improvements and adjustments to the AI will not have been reflected in these clips. And of course, in a single player game you don't want perfect AI. The enemies have to make mistakes otherwise you'd never kill them and the game would be frustrating. That is what online games are for, where you pop your head out for a sec and get shot in the face. Plus, there's always harder difficulty settings.

As for the well. I looked at it again, and he's not supposed to be wet. What looks like water in the well is actually light reflected off the water onto the inner walls of the well, like an indoor pool at night -- a pretty cool effect imo. I've seen shots where he does get wet (in that dark area with the foot deep water on the floor) and it looks very realistic. He gets slippery looking and drips.

Itachi4018d ago

its a game not a real life simulator

calm down your really just nit picking on things that wont matter once you play the game we clothes sheesh

a.i will be improved the videos your seeing are months old

and naughty dog said they fixed the a.i anyway

Alcohog4018d ago

Yeah, the effect when he gets out of the water is an awesome touch.

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