Two Quick Exclusives: Forza Motorsport 3 For Late 2009

Kotaku: "Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars reports that a third instalment in the racing series is currently in development, most likely at Microsoft's Turn 10 Studios. Other than that, there are no more details. Guess the fans out their will have to keep their eyes peeled, or if you have a thing against peeling, boiled".

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ShiftyLookingCow4021d ago

anybody knows when GT5(not prologue) is coming? If somehow its coming the same time as Forza 3 then its going to be crazy. But I guess GT5 is coming sometime late 2008

iheartSONY4021d ago

I'm still debating on whether or not I should get Forza 2 let alone start looking forward to Forza 3. Everyone knows they will eventually make Forza 3, you don't have to tell us that, so can you please let us enjoy Forza 2. THIS JUST IN MICROSOFT, SONY & NINTENDO ARE ALL PLANNING ANOTHER CONSOLE!!!:-)

Seraphim4021d ago

Lol, I was just thinking that. Didn't Forza 2 just release not to long ago? If I'm not mistaken it did. Well, maybe it is was a little while ago but it certainly wasn't that long ago.

And I to am debating whether or not I should even buy Forza 2. Only reason it's even a debate is that the racing genre and me don't play well anymore. I buy a racing game, play a racing game, 2-5 days later I shelf the racing game and set it alongside numerous other games never to played again. Some of which have been beaten, other which have been played and laid to rest because they either weren't that good, or they got boring [repetitive gameplay, boring story...]. Bottom line. Don't you think that's a waste of $50-60? I sure do. Especially considering I have a hard time parting w/ any game I buy so resale is normally out of the question. And when it is in the equation the game isn't worth squat anymore anyway... ;)

mesh14021d ago

what about 2009 didnt u guys udnerstand cant u read english or u choose to ignore it we are in 2007 atm 2years the game comes out what the problems and psgt5 is garbage.

gogators4021d ago

I would think that Turn 10 might want to support their current game rather than start on Forza 3, though 2009 is certainly a long way off. Hopeful they will remember that games need to be fun, too. The career mode got far too boring far too quickly.

XboxOZ3604020d ago

Forza 2 was released many many months ago, and has one of the highest user support networks around for a console based racing game, with forum, tunning and painting help right throughout the community.

Personally, I've invested well over 110 hours into it, and being a real racing nut, I can honestly say this game is well worth the effort and time it takes to play it. I've still to 'finish' it, and have just 2 races left which will net me two major gold achievements, ALL Gold in the game, All Gold in Professional Series.

Forza 3 is a natural iteration, improving on its current one. As with all games, developers stop including items well before it goes gold, simply for the fact if they didn't, the games would never get finished. They then begin work on the succesor, which is usually a good 6 months into production by the time the earlier one arrives on the shelves. Giving the newer one just 18 months developement time between iterations.

Which is normal in a IP Franchise, not so in new IP's arriving on the market. Which can and do take upwards of 5 years or more to develope from conception to release.

Forza 2 is by no means an arcade game, so if you buy it thinking you're getting PGR4, or one of the smash-n-bash brigade of games, then you'll be most disappointed. If on the otherhand you want a game that WILL challenge you, has great vehicle physics, the best options available for car tunning, then Forza 2 is the game for you.

Drop along to my blog at and checkout my flickr picks of the Resident Evil 3 TVR Speed Twelve I created in Forza 2, Now if you can create something like that, and have it really fly on track, then a game of that style and caliber is definitely well worth the $ and effort it takes to master.

In short, do yourself a favour and grab it . . . the price is right now as well.

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ShiftyLookingCow4021d ago

another one in a hundred years most of us will be dead

wangdiddy824021d ago

what pointless news today.. Wait all month..

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