Why Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon will improve your summer

Summer’s coming, so what’s worse than the horde of flying ants and other various insects that arise to spoil your glorious British summertime? Probably if they tried to take over the world, thank god the EDF are here to stop that from happening...

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bumnut4287d ago

Cancelling it would improve my summer

bumnut4287d ago

I played the last game, terrible.

Chewy1024287d ago

You do know that EDF: 2017 was made by Sandlot right? Sandlot isn't in charge of this game, Vicious Cycle is.

Sandlot is a niche JP dev that makes some of the best games Iv ever seen (opinion). If you have a PS2 you really need to find some of their games. R.A.D. (Robot Alchemic Drive) is easily in my top 5 games. Sandlot is all about the gameplay not graphics, and I love them for that.

Enigma_20994287d ago

guilty pleasure... THAT NEEDS A RELOAD BUTTON.

MasterD9194287d ago

Wouldn't mind picking this up for real cheap and wasting a few hours blowing some bugs apart.