Turok: Vignette #2 - Dino Luring

Use the dinosaurs to your advantage as you lure them to attack your enemies or distract them as you go in for the kill.

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Duke Nukem4070d ago

I cant wait to try this game. it better each time I see it

BlackIceJoe4070d ago

I really am looking forward to this game. I can't wait to kill some Dino's.

I want to know is this trailer on PSN and that is why they took off the Xbox 360 logo. Because last I knew this game was also coming out on the 360 too.

That being said I hope this game does well. The idea of having Dino's trying to kill you also in multiplayer really sounds cool. So I hope that it will not just be a sweet idea that turns out bad but be good.

chester4070d ago

looks great. i really hope it's overly free-roaming. lots of cover, lots of hiding spots, lots of dinosaurs, lots of fodder enemies. i could see this game being fantastic. i could see it being horrible as well, of course, but as of now i'm expecting the former.

HeartlesskizZ4070d ago

LoL Dino mom got mad after her babies when boom!!!
Is great how you can use them as a alternative weapon =)