IGN Gets Their Hands-on Metal Gear Solid 4 at E For All

"If nothing else, this preview should give non-MGS fans a look through the eyes of someone that's - admittedly - one in the same. Still, despite being a bit rusty in my MGS ways, today's playthrough captured my attention again, as Metal Gear Solid 4 is one hell of a game." - Bozon, IGN

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greed4018d ago

I can already tell that this game is going to be great no matter if you have the console for this game or not you have to give it credit and i know when it comes out it won't need to much hype to sell i am just glad i have a system that this game is coming too...............cant wait for all the good games that are coming out and this is deffinitly my top three im just glad that they are going to end this series with a BANG!!!

man i am glad to be a gamer in this time and era.

The_Kills4017d ago

If it were a movie i'd buy it...the story is just awsome and i cannot wait to see how they tie up all the loose ends because i cant imagine how its possible

Makroyale4017d ago

But no...

Person at the top is right, this is a great time to be a gamer.

As most of you know I prefer PS3/Bluray, but I own a Halo 360 box as well...

This IS going to be a great game as will FF13 and GT5... Instead of bringing all the PS3 RULEZ junk, I just hope everyone gets to play these games, no matter how big of an xbot you are.

achira4017d ago

this game will be so awesome!

Lt Roy Mustang4017d ago

Prepare for one last showdown

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