Chell in Portal 1 vs Portal 2 HD

A comparison of the character Chell of Portal

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Big_L4288d ago

She got some serious beauty sleep yo

MaxXAttaxX4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

And glad she did too. Much easier on the eyes, lol

I'm not sure Valve intended to have much of a character and story in the first game. But it was so well received and popular, that a second game with a much more developed exposition truly did wonders.

ATiElite4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

She got some serious Anti-Aliasing sleep, a free T-shirt, and some nice boots (thank goodness cause her feet looked like shaven Wookie feet).

Looks like she got a nose job too.

theonlylolking4288d ago

She is so ugly in portal 1.

@Big_L true to that

Lirky4288d ago

yeah in portal1 chell looked like she was some type of busted refugee. But in portal 2 shes more appealing due to like the style of everything she brought.

maverick404288d ago

Loving her jaggies too! /s

elbeasto864288d ago

She looks kinda creepy in both pics... it's those eyes...

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