The 5 Most Overrated Experiences in Gaming

GameDynamo - "Let’s face it, cheerleaders can be worth the price of admission, parking, food, and a program to say the very least. There are calendars and Christmas tree ornaments, not to mention the magazines that feature these beauties. While they have no real bearing on the outcome of any game, they are an intrinsic part of the sports they cheer for. So, I ask the makers of Madden and NBA 2K11... What the hell, man?!?!"

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Red_Phoenix3699d ago

Cheerleaders are the most important aspect of all sport games, of course. /s

Soldierone3699d ago

Would I rather look at girls dancing around pretending to be hot...or Tom Brady stick his hand underneath a 300 pound center in tights? And then smack him on the ass thirty seconds later....

I choose Hockey.

Red_Phoenix3699d ago

You do realize I was being sarcastic, right? lol
Like who would pay 60 bucks just to stare at some cheerleaders that you can easily look up online or just see on tv?

Soldierone3699d ago

I was helping your sarcasm lol

Blacktric3699d ago

"4. All Too Brief Stints of Nudity"

So you were expecting a 10 minutes long steamy sex scene with full frontal nudity and different positions? Try a pornsite or something geez.

Kurt Russell3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I could go for that. It would beat the shit out of other 10 minute cut scenes I've sat through in the past!

banjadude3699d ago

The Gamestop one is so true. Especially the "Trade in 3 games" thing.

Lamarthedancer3699d ago nudity

This guy obviously hasn't heard the Rule 34 rule has he

"If it exists there is porn of it"

InLaLaLand3699d ago

Surprise that Trophies/Achievements is not on the list. The system is good to check what type of games your friends are playing however some people just buy/rent games to get easy trophies/achievements. Also it's just bragging rights at the end of it. You may say it gives replay value but doesn't some games have in game achievements to unlock additional content, this leads to another annoying issue DLC.

Some DLC is just fucking stupid, one is where some companies let you unlock all the content by buying it for a price (Hustle Kings) and there is Capcom (disc locked content).

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