The Value of Nostalgia: Hidden Treasures of Horrible Games

GameXplain Says: "The fact that some video games are worth a lot of money isn’t too surprising when you think about it. But what about the games that are utter crap? The games that internet celebrities like the Angry Video Game Nerd have spent years tearing apart for our own amusement. For the most part, they’re worth exactly what you’d expect, nothing. Pac-Man for the Atari, long considered one of the worst ports of all time, only goes for a penny on"

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Dash Reindeer2814d ago

I used to own that garbage ET game...

newsguy2814d ago

A guilty pleasure of mine was the snes michael jackson game.

TheROsingleB2814d ago

Moonwalker was for the Sega Master System :|

bearsfaan2814d ago

I love this series. Don't love the fact that I owned many of these.

NukaCola2814d ago

I loved the Where the Wild Things Are game on PS3. It was kind fo like the retarded poor mans ICO. It was a really nifty game.

banjadude2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

What about that NES sports game that's going for something like $3000 US?

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