Bayonetta Speaks. An Interview With Voice Actress Hellena Taylor

"A vivacious shape shifting seductress with a sweet tooth for magic, morphing manes of hair and smoking barrels, Bayonetta is one of the most interesting and immediately recognizable new gaming heroine’s this generation.

TGL caught up with the voice of a sexy spectacle wearing witch herself Hellena Taylor and spoke about her career, landing the role and why she’d love to return in a Bayonetta sequel."

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SwilloTGL2722d ago

Lets hope Bayonetta 2 gets an E3 reveal...

NBT912722d ago

I hope so as well, Bayonetta was one of the most (surprisingly) good games I have played

Reibooi2722d ago

Yeah I really wanna see a Bayonetta 2 sooner rather then later.

Btw am I the only one who gets a big kick knowing she voiced both Bayonetta and Yomiko Readmen? Just awesome.

SolidMGSnake2722d ago

I really wish there was an audio recording of this..

KeiserSosay47882722d ago

"you want to touch me?" umm....yes I do! lol

WildArmed2722d ago

lol doing VO for Bayo musta been quite awkward.

KeiserSosay47882722d ago

I know right??? After I figured out the different taunts for different weapons thing, I showed all of my friends and they just stared in disbelief....Awesome...

Parapraxis2722d ago

So much hotter than the character model.

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