WoW or Why? Do Console Controllers Make Sense For PC Gaming?

Unless there is an underground group of WoW gamers who have been lurking in the shadows, secretly writing letters to Microsoft asking for 360 controller support, this move at best will be targeting the console gamer who may be interested in WoW if they could make the transition to the PC gaming world seamlessly.

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Genki4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

but for most PC-centric games, a mouse and keyboard will be superior. RTS and FPS remain the PC's domain, at least until consoles start becoming packaged with mice and KBs.

The gap is only widening with the precision of laser mice lately, for that matter.

They can work though, just not as well is all I'm saying. In any case, where there's a will there's a way.

@ Nostradavis

Ain't that the truth.

Nostradavis4021d ago

@ Genki

Agreed. Or you can say where there is a buck there is a will. : )

KeiZka4021d ago

Wii could have a potential console RTS niche... You'd miss out on the quick commands, though. But better than stick, methinks?

vgn244021d ago

The ONLY purpose of this is to convert gamers and developers. While the controller has no place in PC gaming anymore, it DOES show that these games are possible on a game pad. The reason for this? To get these studios to convert their games to 360 by showing some gamers will adopt this.

And at the same time try to convert some gamers. Is it useful? NO! But the business side of it makes sense.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4021d ago

Aiming has never been a concern for me hell I turn off auto aim in games that I can, the KB and Mouse limits my movment in fast paced games. I don't think your going to see much support for KB and mouse on consoles it's just unnatural, after all the first and all the conoles that followed all had controllers. It's the whole kicking your feet up with your friends and playing on a 50 inch HD screen, PC turns you into a hunchback and gives you carpal tunnel.

As for WoW I never played it but my brother does and by what I can tell it may be a good thing for this game.

Genki4021d ago

but when it comes to aiming, mice and pointing devices are the grand daddy indeed. I wouldn't consider myself particularly adept, and even I can aim at things that I'm not looking directly at with frightening speed and accuracy with a mouse. Add to that the flexibility to freely dictate your speed and you've got a recipe for success. Let's not even get into laser mice.

Personally, I value aiming much more so than I do movement, and it's for that reason that I'd pick KB/M over sticks any day of the week. This is coming from someone with several more years and hours logged playing console shooters by the way. Mice and pointers just feel right. Sticks feel like you're guiding the reticule. Mice make me feel as if I'm actually aiming.