Osama bump for Sony's Navy SEALs game?

SeattleTimes: Sony's not saying yet whether the company's seen a boost in sales of "SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs" after Sunday's action in Pakistan

But I'll bet the game - released on April 19 - gets a boost from newfound appreciation for the Navy commandos

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ComboBreaker2776d ago

"Sony apparently isn't planning to release an Abbottabad map pack for SOCOM 4."

However, I would buy Socom if Sony does release an Abbottabad DLC pack.

IGAMEHARD2776d ago

hahahahahahaha, i already have it and i hope we do get abbottabad map pack, hahahahahahaah, good shit, thanks for that

MastaMold2776d ago

Yup waiting for Zipper to release that DLC, thing is I hear the mission to kill Osama only took 40 mins but there was a firefight

BattleAxe2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Osama has been dead for years, don't you guys find it funny that they never let anyone see the body and in under 24 hours his "supposed" body was thrown off an aircraft carrier into the ocean? This is nothing more than a political stunt to try to give Obama some credibility.

Alex Jones

Osama picture comparison

Russia Today

Eye Witness says its a lie

ddurand12776d ago

i hope no gaming company is ignorant enough to release anything with bin ladens name associated with it.

Ddouble2776d ago

If they did release it I wonder what it would do for it's sales

hotrider122776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

that would be a terrible thing to add "search for bin laden map"

Lirky2776d ago

socom II servers are up for ps2, and also mostly us central is active.

Another thing... the single player to socom II for ps2 is brilliant i have an copy and was playing some of it recently.

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