Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 52: Fragger from Achievement Hunter

"Okay, back on track this week, if you’ve ever had an interest in capturing your gameplay videos, than this interview is for you! Shanghai Six sits down with one of the lead contributors from Achievement Hunter, Fragger, to discuss how he captures his video and his time interacting with the intergalatically large entity known as Rooster Teeth/Red vs. Blue." - Shanghai Six

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TheStonedSheep2749d ago

Love these guys, great show, keep it up!

maxcavsm2749d ago

God damn, Fragger does have a Hauppage, but never heard of that kind. I have such trouble capturing my own video.

Fir3truck2749d ago

Another Great show from boys over at FTGR.

Imp0ssibl32749d ago

Good show as usual, keep it up!