E for All: Hands-on with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

From Destructoid:

"After talking with the representatives about the epic things that come later in the game, I have no doubt that this will be one of the greatest Metal Gear Solid games ever and easily one of the best PlayStation 3 properties to date. I can't wait to play some more..."

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chester4021d ago

Love that it moves around to different locations like south america. moderately excited before reading a true hands-on. very excited now.

Nostradavis4021d ago

I may be biased, but I think this is a better hands on preview...

: )

ThisIsWaiting4021d ago

and I just cant get excited about this game, at all.

I'll rent it for sure, just to check it out, but Im not expecting much.

I know I am in the minority on this.

remix4021d ago

have you ever played any of the mgs's. well this game is 10 times better and all the other ones were tripple aaa. i guess you just have to play it. dont expect much but becareful you dont kill yourself for thinking such a jk but seriously TRY IT

cr33ping_death4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

clearly a troll.....your name says it all you dont give a sh!t about MGS4 or have a ps3. quit trying to fool people. whats your PSN name? other wise. ignored.

Hatchetforce4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

You have a PS3? Sure you do...Where is your wife, Morgan Fairchild?

Look here:

See that PS3 Tag? Yeah, me neither.

Close_Second4021d ago

...will set new benchmarks in terms of console gaming however, I for one just could never get into these games. I played them on the PS2 and found myself forever hitting the 'x' button to scroll through page after page of pointless dialog. The actual gameplay was also pretty short and was the reason I rented and did not buy.

Everybody has their personal game preferences - MGS just is not one of mine.

MGS4 is however an exclusive that any console manufacturer would love to have. It has a huge following and will do to PS3 sales what Halo 3 did for the 360. It will also be another example of why Blu-Ray provides a superior media option for next-gen games over DVD.

ThisIsWaiting4021d ago

I DO have a PS3 ... I wont post the only tag I have for it becuase frankly, I dont even want to take a chance that Im going to have to put up with messages from some of the inbreds in this place.

Here's what I'll do ... I'll make a secondary tag .... go figure 'thisiswaiting' was available. I'll put that in my little profile here so you little twits know I have a PS3.

Just because Im not interested in the MGS, dosent mean Im a troll. I actually didnt even say anything negative, I just stated that I do not like the series. But, even though Im not a fan, Im going to give it a rent.

and the handle 'thisiswaiting' is TOTALLY relevent ... I *am* waiting for the good stuff to hit the PS3 ... and Im not just talking about the next big blu-ray release.

ThisIsWaiting4020d ago

all the f'n haters didnt have sh!t to say after I posted that last comment.

So F the whole lot of you and all your fanboy asses are on ignore.

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Genki4021d ago

Does anyone know if the Metal Gear Solid collection is to be released or what? I've never played any of these games, but I've always wanted to. I suppose the only thing stopping me was myself, but in any case, I figured that would be the most convenient(not to mention cost effective) way to play through the entire series.

Hatchetforce4021d ago

The word that came back was this:

"Last week, we had posted about Metal Gear Online as well as the announcement of the Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Collection! It was released in Japan a few days ago, but now there is news on whether or not the Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Collection would come to North America and Europe.

However, at Comic-Con 2007, Kotaku got a chance to speak with Anthony Kraus, who is the marketing vice president at Konami USA. So when they inquired whether American fans too would be getting the Collection pack, the reply was positive. Kraus mentioned that they are considering it with the sales team as well as retailers. He also revealed that the American Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Collection package would not be the same as the Japanese one, but assured it would be similar.

Oh, if you are wondering what’s inside it? Well, the Anniversary Collection contains the original Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops and DVDs Metal Gear Saga and The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 (whew!). In Japan, it costs 6250 yen (approx. $53).

It remains to be seen if Konami will really come out with the Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Collection in the western countries. If it does, then it’s going to get the blessings of thousands, no MILLIONS of Metal Gear fans from the West, who are waiting to get their hands on that pack."

Genki4021d ago

Sounds like an anthology that would take me about 2 months to finish. The series has always seemed worth it though. I'd like a good stealth game to play, and Splinter Cell never really did it for me. I can see the good production quality of the franchise, I just never enjoyed it much.

Thanks for the info.

Cloud Strife4021d ago

Im going to pre-order this one as soon as possible. PS:thisiswaiting please go troll somewere else!

jackdoe4021d ago

Can't wait. But I am a bit peeved that they said there wouldn't be a PSN demo.

Hatchetforce4021d ago

Well there wasn't a Gears demo or a Halo demo. No real surprise even though Payton had stated earlier work was being done but that is now obviously a trade show only affair. Oh well, I'll be at GDC in February and will check it out there.

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