Maybe I’m Just Being Cynical: Online Access Codes

EA shut servers down, this much we know. EA have now also decided it’s a good idea to require you to have the code from your brand new copy of whichever game you’ve picked up to access the online multi-player side of things, or if you’ve bought pre-owned to then buy access to the online multi-player. Put these together and they spell big money for EA at the expense of us gamers. Now i’m not naive enough to think that a company like EA loses a minute’s sleep over hitting gamers square in the pocket, after all business is business and money talks right. EA are a business and of course they’re going to want to make as big a profit as is humanly possible from every release. It’s just a shame they feel that us gamers aren’t quite spending enough of our hard earned cash as it is or feel we’re all so well off we can afford to buy every rehashed sports title full price.

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Nawabi2722d ago

i see more and more companies following EA in future

DeeZee2722d ago

I agree with author, I don't see the point in online access codes. It makes me not want to play/buy the game.

omi25p2722d ago

i actually agree with online access codes, When you buy a preowned game the company makes no money off of that game, For singleplayer this is no big deal because the company has made its sale on that game and cant really make much more of a profit from it.

But preowned multiplayer game is different, because the player will be accessing the servers provided by the developer and the servers cost money to run. So preowned Multiplayer game would end up costing the company a money with no profit, which is bad from a business point of view.

So by having to buy a online access code would mean they are making a profit off running the servers.

thor2722d ago

On the other hand this may severely limit the number of players online. People buy second-hand games and sell games they've bought because they don't have enough money to pay for the full game, or a new game they want. Now they'll just have to save up and they'll probably end up skipping some of EA's games if they know they can't afford to play online.

Scenarist2722d ago

If I buy a game used and the price to play it online makes the total price close to a retail copy then i will result to doing what is said below...
if its a minimal fee then i may or may not pay.
_____________________________ _______________

If I aquire a game second hand ie: someone gives it to me free , I buy it used ,or rent it from gamefly .. I dont want to add any money on top of it and therefor I will result to doing stupid shit because I am cheap and poor ( cost of living /salary) like opening up games in stores and writing down or taking the codes like I used to do serial numbers for pc games to play online after i downloaded them back in the day (for games that didnt have cracked servers)..

I say too much , too much of the time

ManOnFire2722d ago

The game you are talking about has alreay been sold for the full retail price and gives the person the ability to play online so when that game is sold its not like the original buyer can still play it online right ? So it is not creating higher volume on the servers than what they would expect based on sales numbers. The number of copies sold is still the installed base no matter how many times the game is sold used. Something to think about.

xGet_In_There2722d ago

@ Scenarist

GameStop is known for this. I for one take ALL manuals and codes out of the games before I put them on the floor, but that's just one of thousands of employees. Also if I can recall correctly EA gives you a 7 day online trial and then you can enter/redeem a code after it's over. This is good for trophy/achievement hunters because some of EA's sports games are easy online ones. I did it with Madden and Tiger Woods.

cogniveritas2722d ago

Okay, there are never a greater number of players on an online server than the number of discs sold at retail, in addition to the number of digital copies sold. So it costs the developers nothing extra to maintain since the gamer who sold their used game will no longer be playing that game online.

It's just about profit, that's all. I have to be fair minded because I believe in the Free Market where gamers have the right to sell their used games. But that also forces me to support the right of Developers to include online access codes if the market allows it, which it has.

Developers have a right to earn money, consumers have a right to save money. If all is legal and does not obstruct the free market, then there is no foul.

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cochise3132722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I don't like online access codes. No other companies does it besides greedy ones. first party games (MS and Sony) never do this so why should third party ones? Like i see it; the company has made money off of the initial sale. This practice doesn't increase sales; people buy used games for a reason. Some people can't afford to pay 60 bucks for a new game and have to spend their money wisely. I think this is in bad taste. Once you buy the game, it drops in value because of the lack of online play.

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