Hands-On: The Darkness 2 "Quad Wielding For The Mortal Man"

Banned in Singapore in 2007 and later repealed in 2009 “for excessive violence and religiously offensive expletives, ” The Darkness was one of the earlier first person shooter action horror titles that had actual unique twists in gameplay and story. The Darkness met above average reviews applauded for its interesting narrative penned by Paul Jenkins (returning) and Mikael Saker, along with excellent voice acting to boot.

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Quagmire2813d ago

Interesting. I take it R1 L1 R2 and L2 are the triggers for said guns?

xAlmostPro2813d ago

Probably, although there's probably also a button that takes you into the said state :D

AndrewE2812d ago

R1 L1 is for arms R2 and L2 for guns. Correct.