GameSpot - Child of Eden Preview: Story, New Levels, and Playing Without the Kinect

GameSpot - If you've been following Child of Eden since its announcement at last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, it shouldn't be too surprising to hear that Q Entertainment's upcoming musical shooter is shaping up to be a bundle of gorgeous fun. In our previous looks at the game, we've just had the chance to try individual levels that have dazzled with their impressive visuals and made a case for Microsoft's Kinect as a control option.

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gypsygib2727d ago

I hope it's not 60 bucks, this could easily just have been a 1200 MS points game.

aviator1892727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Well, no one besides the devs would know how much the game really cost to make. Before even playing the game or seeing the full list of features, you're not really in a position to say the game should cost only $15.

gypsygib2727d ago

A lot of the expense goes into graphics, clearly this game didn't break the bank.