Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Review (PlanetXbox360)

It’s finally here. After weeks of anticipation and ogling some cool promo items (including the Call of the Dead poster that arrived last week), Call of Duty: Black Ops’ latest map pack, Escalation, is available for purchase. The first map pack that came out a couple of months back was pretty cool, but this one easily tops it, thanks to four new intriguing areas to do battle with your friends through, and a phenomenal zombies stage that’s worth playing, even on your own.

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BX812776d ago

Surprising but the new maps are pretty good.

NanoSoldier2776d ago

yes they are ... much better than the standard

S_C2776d ago

Best DLC to be released for any COD game IMO

Thump19672776d ago

Shocked also but these maps are very good but the Zombie map is crazy fun

BX812776d ago

LOL! I've never seen my friends scream so many times "Oh shit I need help" on a zombie map before.

Senden2776d ago

Love Zoo.. one of my favourite cod maps i've played but can't stand stockpile.