Is Portal 2 the Funniest Game of All Time?

SG: Yes. Yes, it is. Article over. Everyone can go home now. For a slightly more detailed look at why this is the case and why I think it beats the other competitors to the accolade of funniest game of all time, portal your way over to the next page…

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NukaCola2819d ago

Not of all time but it's witty and charming.

b163o12819d ago

In my turret voice -Are you still there?
I've been saying that at work so much people are starting to give me the crazy look lmao

whydoyouask2819d ago

just don't say it to your boss...

dc12819d ago

I'll stop just short of saying that... but only to give it over night consideration.

I loved Portal 2!

Kran2819d ago

Uh oh.

Trolls will start coming and saying it's not.

It's definitly ONE of the funniest games of all time. In a lot of places, I couldn't stop laughing.

whydoyouask2819d ago

so anyone who disagrees is a troll? That's generalizing, and that's a logical fallacy.

Also, i think you were able to laughing at least once or twice.

Kran2819d ago

Did I ever say those who disagrees is a troll? No.

I said "trolls will start coming and saying its not"

Basically, they'll say its not in a stupid manner.

Is it hard to just say "no" rather than "ABSOLUTLEY F**KING NOT. WORST GAME EVER"

whydoyouask2819d ago

@Kran It doesn't matter what you actually mean, it's people's interpretation of whatever you posted.

It's called subtlety, or just being passive aggressive. I know that you didn't mean every single person who disagrees is a troll, it's just that it ALLOWS for that type of accusation to happen.

Rybakov2819d ago

it was pretty silly but it didn't have me laughing hysterically

gcolley2818d ago

i found the first one funnier by far. i felt this one was a bit lame in the comedy department, but then again i am not one to laugh at anything, especially silly versus witty, i will always prefer witty, and portal 2 just was not witty.

Rybakov2818d ago

yeah, i was hoping for more references to Half life and tie ins to half life 3 most of the time too i wasn't challenged at all by the puzzles i got more distracted with playing with the bouncy goo

cochise3132819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Glados always make me lmao with her insults lol. This game has some pretty witty humor.

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The story is too old to be commented.