Football games make you more violent than shoot em' ups

FIRST IT WAS shoot em' up video games that were said to be causing us to get violent in real life, but now football games are even worse, according to researchers at Huddersfield University.

Psychologists at the University have conducted research that apparently shows that playing football games evokes a greater emotional response than playing video game shoot em' ups.

The research is being presented today at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference in Glasgow. Forty participants both male and female were randomly allocated to play either a violent Xbox360 video game or an Xbox360 football game.

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Senden2750d ago

I agree... I rage so much more on fifa than I do on halo.

Yi-Long2750d ago

...simply because it's much more frustrating when the game/players doesn't do what you 'tell' them to do.

Like passes going to the wrong teammate, defenders bungling causing the opponents to score a goal, strikers missing easy tap-ins, etc etc.

The only time I get 'angry' at a shooter is when teammates are just screwing around, blowing away your cover or whatever.

mafiahajeri2750d ago

The things you mentioned are nothing compared to when somebody starts wasting time! passing the ball around in his own half of the pitch MAKES ME GO MAD!!! so I started doing it to people ;) cant wait for PSN to come back need my FIFA fix...

Yi-Long2750d ago

... Yeah I don't even bother playing FIFA online anymore. You either have opponents wasting time, or leaving when you score a goal, or whatever.

I just play the CPU, or a friend next to me, who wouldn't stoop that low if he doesn't want to get thrown out of a window with a controller lodged between his eyes...

zootang2750d ago

I don't rage at fifa, mainly because I always win.

KonohagakureFC2750d ago

Well I agree Fifa can be more frustrating than a shooter maybe but it's never made me violent just maybe a bit annoyed

phinch2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Waiting for the first American to say "errr dont you mean soccer?"

@Yi long, passing to the wrong player is the worst!

mafiahajeri2750d ago

Yes and then another one will come in and say "Im I the only one who doesnt give a crap about soccer?" then why click on the freaking article!!!

The only sport Americans are found off that is remotely whatchable is basketball.

About passing I think it comes down to you skill level I mean if your having trouble passing to that right player in the normal FIFA options you WILL be very very VIOLENT I assure you if you put manual passing on...

elondonred2750d ago

Tried playing on manual setting once my gosh. It's so hard i think it was on career got fired by the club after drawing two and losing four. btw playing on legendary

elondonred2750d ago

I rage if i've dominated the match and miss so many good chances, then 89th minute youropponent scores a fluky goal.

mafiahajeri2750d ago

Ive had that happened to me numerous times only because my opponent is chelsea or madrid and cech and casillias are freaking unstoppable BUT Ive done that before to people ;)

And whats even worse is when they score in the 120th minute, its happened to me before...

elondonred2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

It only happens against my brother though cause i play offline and Ronaldo is unstoppable in that game. I don't usually play online people tend to quit after going 3-0 down so i stopped playing online

United will win come may 28th

mafiahajeri2750d ago

Hope so! Im not really fond of Man U but I absoultly despise barcelona.

Jamaicangmr2750d ago

I agree i've seen fights start over Fifa matches Physical fights that is. COD? outside of the usual internet gangster nothing serious.

Tyre2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

They should monitor the behaviour of people doing real life sports games/real life games...violent behaviour going through roof...and these socalled scientific studies into violent behaviour in human<->system relations =>it's just part of the interactivity in games/sport games/sport in real life(the way the brain is hardwired...we are just making it visible now..there's no right or wrong...nothing to be affraid of...just stress relief) and nothing that remotely relates to the presumptions ruling political ignorance these days....accept it and move along. do some relevant research instead of this goose chase.

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