70° Feature - Looking at the 'Nintendo Selects' Line-Up

"Going back to the last gaming era, the Player's Choice line-up on the Gamecube was great. Because of it, I was able to purchase a bunch of games that I would have otherwise skipped out on due to the price. So I'm sure Nintendo of America will experience success with this much in the same way that Nintendo of Japan did when they launched their "Everyone's Recommendation" line. Consider for a moment that Japan's selection began over a year ago, and Nintendo of America is just getting this started now. Going back to the thought of Nintendo having success with this endeavour, there's a lingering question that's entered my mind since this rumor first surfaced. That is, are they a little too late?" --

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NESpower2776d ago

I am getting The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess finally and at an amazing value. I think the Nintendo Selects will be a major hit. I can see games like Punch-Out!! and Wario: Smooth Moves, both of which I need being added. I can see NSMBW being added around the holiday to boost Wii sales.