New Child of Eden trailer released

Ubisoft's released a new video demonstrating Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Q Entertainment's upcoming Kinect title Child of Eden.

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NukaCola2777d ago

I am picking this awesome looking game up on PS3. But here is my only question, is this a DLC game or a full fledged disc game? Also is there a big story here or what is actaully going on? It looks like a successor to REZ and for that I am all in.

NukaCola2777d ago

Disagree all you want, for no real reason...but can some one actually answer my questions?

wwm0nkey2777d ago

Its the spiritual successor to REZ, you could just think of it as REZ 2 though.

Godmars2902777d ago

Not that he wasn't begging for disagrees saying which version he's getting, but he was really asking: disc or DLC?

Though I have to wonder if Ubisoft will purposely gimp the Move control scheme.

antauwnehart2777d ago

Those clowns at q entertainment and konami ruined n3 with that trashy sequel Tetsuya Mizuguchi should have worked with blueside and made a proper sequel! I'm not buying this trash!

wwm0nkey2777d ago

How is this trash again?

Venox20082777d ago

You don't know strong I am waiting for this game, people! :)

Top 5 2011 of waiting: :)

1. Child of eden
2. Shadows of the damned
3. Duke nukem: F
4. Zelda: SS
5. __________ (put a game here) :D :D :D

Venox20082776d ago

nice nick, I wish Tifa was real too :) btw:

5. ALL Good new Wii & Project cafe & 3DS games :D