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Kakihara2723d ago

Really looking forward to this game but Jesus Christ what a shitty trailer.

Kingdom Come2723d ago

I would call it a teaser. What I wouldn't call it is "Shitty", the trailer gives us some insight into Jackies situation in the Second game and reasures us that the game is maintaining its dark routes...

Solid_Snake-2723d ago

u mad? trailer was wicked.

2723d ago
Kingdom Come2723d ago

Whilst I remain unsure about the shift to (somewhat) Cel-shaded graphics, I thought the original Darkness was hugely underrated and a tremendous FPS, hopefully we'll recieve some gameplay at E3. Let's ope it can live up to it's predecessor, my only major wants are for the Darklings to be more usefull, as I found them to die too quickly in the original, and for them to remove or drastically improve multiplayer...

Rybakov2723d ago

ugh can't wait bought the first day one and have always loved the comics.....hope they keep all the small stuff in that made the first one amazing

thats_just_prime2723d ago

early Darkness and Witchblade comic were amazing. I normally hate FPS but I did enjoy the 1st Darkness game

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